Real Estate Investing

Have a home you just can’t sell?

We work with a number of investors who acquire many homes every year in Colorado Springs and throughout the entire Front Range with a sure-fire program that can put thousands of dollars of extra profit into the pockets of home sellers.

We are not real estate agents and there is absolutely no commission! We are investors who choose to actively invest in Colorado residential real estate.

Many Colorado homeowners know how difficult it may be to sell their home in today’s troubled market. Many others know that they may be selling their home in the next year or so and are already starting to wonder how they will do it. Whatever the situation is, if you are ready to consider selling your property, our innovative program will increase your profit dramatically and sell your house much quicker with no risk to you and none of the hassle, brain damage, and expense you would have with a traditional sale through a real estate agent.

The basis of our program is really simple. Breakthrough technologies always are. We are long-term real estate investors who exploit the consistency of long-term inflation beating appreciation of real estate along the Front Range. Over the past thirty years that appreciation has averaged almost 7% a year. Statistically, if your house is worth $250,000.00 today – it will surge to a value of over $266,000.00 in the next 12 months. Obviously, actual appreciation may not be that huge in such a short time period.

A second basic principle of the program is that we want your property to have the lowest possible mortgage payment. In today’s market this will likely be a 30 year fixed rate – rates have been down in the high 4’s and low 5’s!

The third basic principle of the program is that it must be a win/win situation with absolutely no rish to you, the seller of the property.

This program will almost always make you – the seller of the property – more money up front and it will produce a monthly revenue stream for you and it will deliver you a big cash payday at a point down the road.

Impossible situations where the seller truly has no equity become very profitable for the seller with our masterpiece program. Sellers that would have to bring their hard-earned money to the closing table simply to sell their house can now make a substantial profit.

If you would like additional information on how this opportunity may benefit your situation, give us a call at 719-574-9500 to set up a time to sit and chat with us. There is no cost or obligation whatsoever.

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