Joe White has authored three phenomenal books covering many aspects of the mortgage, real estate, and personal finance world. His first is Jumping On The Path To Prosperity, written in 2006. It has been a hugely successful book and an optimal resource for those looking to better their wealth building and retirement goals! Jumping On The Path To Prosperity exposes the myths of traditional financial community as it relates to retirement and wealth building. 98% of the population are completely frustrated with their retirement planning. Jumping On The Path To Prosperity goes well beyond just exposing myths – it presents a step-by-step program to achieve successful retirement. Joe White takes a succinct approach to specifically identify the problem and offers a system that is easy to implement, requires no cash, and yields secure results beyond your wildest dreams. If you follow this plan, you will very quickly become one of the 37 that is able to retire independently.

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Joe’s second book, written in 2007, is The Step Forward Home Selling System. Given today’s national real estate market, this book could not be more timely. The Step Forward Home Selling System offers an innovative step-by-step home selling system that will sell your house quicker, with more profit, and far less hassle. The old-fashioned approach to home selling in today’s difficult real estate market is simply not good enough. This book provides a proven, safe, profitable alternative. The Step Forward Home Selling System is a system that earns the home seller more money up front, with an ongoing monthly income stream, and a large payday down the road. This can be done without a real estate agent or broker which saves money on commissions and fees. This system is proven, safe, and secure. Most importantly, it works!


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Joe has also written a great guidebook to getting your credit cards and personal finance in order.  Fighting the Credit Card Crisis In America provides a step by step guide for dealing with the credit card crisis on the family level.  The behaviors you learn from getting out of debt and turning your financial life around will carry you well.  If you truly follow the concepts presented in this book, you will have a new and better financial life almost overnight.

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