Mark your calendar

23 04 2009

I apologize for the lack of blog posts as of late.  I have been busy writing my newest book as well as preparing a new and exciting real estate seminar!

Saturday, June 13th is a long way away.  Still, you might want to write it on your calendar.  That morning, we are having our first summer seminar.  If you are sitting there wondering whether or not it will make sense for you to refinance, this seminar will guide you well in that decision.  If you are trying to decide whether paying fees and points makes sense, we will provide you the decision making criteria.  How about those zero cost loans?  We’ll talk about the pluses and minuses.
Investment real estate is another area we will get into.  Specifically, we will get into financing.  We will talk about exactly what you can and cannot do in today’s market.
Our seminars are non-stop fire hose flow of information.  These are not sales presentations.  We want you to leave with all the information you came to find.  Many attendees tell us that at the end of one of our seminars they feel a lot like the young student in the back of the classroom going “teacher, teacher – my head is full.”
If you would like to insure a spot, you may sign up at 719-574-9500 or send an e-mail to



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