16 04 2009

The “economic experts” tell us that inflation is not a risk.  Who the he—are these “economic experts?” 

As a country we are printing money so fast that printer’s ink has become a key economic stimulus item.  I can’t even fathom what a billion dollars is and we are printing trillions. 

Let me see if I understand this.  Our currency is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States – and nothing else.  We are printing new money in the trillions.  There was only a few trillion dollars in circulation before this started.  Doesn’t the buying power of those dollars have to go down – by definition?  Isn’t that inflation??? 

Let me give you a simple example.  Let’s pretend we live in the world of X.  There are 1000 dollar bills in the world of X and each of those dollar bills will buy a widget.  If we print another 1000 dollar bills in the world of X and nothing else changes, won’t it take two dollar bills to buy that same widget? 

Am I missing something? 

It appears to me that we will have more than doubled our currency in this process.  Won’t that reduce the buying power of our currency by more than 50%???  Isn’t that inflation – the unkindest tax of all? 

Your solution is to get into real assets.  Maybe you want to expand a hobby the way I have done recently with my leather store.  Perhaps you purchase antiques or collectibles.  Investing in real estate certainly is a proven way of dealing with inflation. 

Don’t get caught doing nothing.  Do something!




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